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India is the hub for Spiritual Tourism for several decades now. With the travel industry in India advancing at the speed of knots, Spiritual Tourism has attracted an incredible number of travelers irrespective of their age, ethnicity, origin, or travel-style. Glorious temples stringed with age-old traditions and awe-inspiring history has proved to a breathing ground for travelers seeking a spiritual journey. With VDOO Travel, you can immerse in numerous such spiritual journeys that take you through several legendary stories and deep-rooted customs.

Spiritual Journeys like the Char Dham Yatra (Badrinath-Rameswaram-Dwarka-Puri), Vaishno Devi Yatra, Tirupati Balaji, Kanwar Yatra, Kumbha Mela, Varanasi, etc. are highly popular ones. Apart from these, India offers numerous such excursions that promote spiritual tourism to its best effect. The laps of Himalayas, viz. Uttarakhand has attracted a large number of tourists owing to its splendid temples, gushing rivers, snow-clad peaks, and impeccable flora and fauna. Over the past decade or so, Hrishikesh has emerged as the Yoga Capital of India.


Right from the Yoga-centric spiritual sojourn in Uttarakhand to meditating in the Himalayas with the monks, from chanting Hare Ram Hare Krishna in the ISKCON temples to taking a dip in the holy waters of the Ganges, VDOO it all. VDOO Travel helps you plot a wonderful journey that soothes your soul and refreshes your body.

VDOO Travel understands the importance of these journeys and plans accordingly giving ample time to our travelers to be in oneness with their faiths. India being a culturally diverse nation, a tourist gets to choose from a wide array of religions and traditions to embark upon a Spiritual journey.

India’s age-old traditions like Yoga and Ayurveda have been celebrated with more and more tourists showing interests in recent times.

Why Choose VDOO for your Spiritual Tour

First and foremost, we understand! We understand your demands and help you with itineraries that exactly match your travel plans. Apart from that, unlike most of the travel companies out there, we do not burn a hole in your pocket. Right from your budget to the places of your interests, and from the number of days to the activities, everything is extensively considered before we put down our pen to paper. While on the trip, a spiritual one or otherwise, we offer 24*7 Travel assistance ensuring smooth and hassle-free vacation for our clients.

Most of the tourists look at spiritual tours as a stressbuster and to find oneness with themselves and their faiths. Getting into sour conversations with travel agents during spiritual trips can disrupt the harmony or simply add to the existing stress. However, with VDOO Travel, you not only find precisely executed itineraries but along with that, you enroll yourself to unmatched customer service.

Spirituality is a word deeply connected with India. VDOO Travel offers an extravagant range of spiritual tours spread across the lengths and breadths of this culture-packed country.

So what they need and what we "VDOO"...
Complete Hand Holding from arrival to departure
Local city tours
meditation workshops
Guided spiritual tours