Travelling is the perfect way to open up a child’s world to possibility and wonder. Powerful experiences lead to new interests, and exposure to different cultures, languages, and environments helps the kids of today become the responsible, well-rounded adults of tomorrow. Our Family trips deliver a seamless mix of adventure and education that’s so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning something the whole time.

One of the advantages of VDOO Family customise tours is the diversity of people you get to share your experience with. Family trips are a great way for children to meet and interact with other kids from around the world who are close to their own age and share common interests. It’s not uncommon for families who meet on our trips to stay close after the trip ends; some even make the experience an annual tradition.

So what they need and what we "VDOO"...
Complete Hand Holding from arrival to departure
Local city tours
Special Family dinners and lunches
Sightseeing's to the core and customized
Local representative and guides
Special return gifts